Juice Cleansing

Well, I'm not sure if Ai loves juice cleansing right now. But I decided to hop on the bandwagon and try this thing after reading about it on shutterbean. After the past few months of stuffing my face, it was time to get back on track. And rather than wait until after all the holidays were over, I decided to do this now. My body was telling me I needed it now. Hawaii in a bathing suit told me I needed it now.

Of course, I laughed at the idea of paying $75 a day for juices and decided I'd take the DIY route. I looked over the juices at BluePrintCleanse and made a similar menu. I also convinced a friend to join me and we split the cost of a juicer.

Presenting the Breville juicer, on sale at Macy's. It's a monster, at least in my kitchen with limited counter space.

Then I proceeded to Whole Foods and bought bags and bags of greens and fruits. I thought it would be enough to feed me for days, but it was barely enough to crank out enough juices for one day.

For Juice #1
Juice #2

For the PAM juice

It was quite a bit of work and the kitchen was kind of a mess. I used three different juice recipes to make three different green juices, but they all taste about the same. It's not that bad actually.

Mmm... green juice

It helped that work was really busy today so it was almost convenient to have these juices to slurp on rather than trying to cram in lunch. I actually do not feel hungry at all. Although, if I look at a photo of food, I'm instantly craving. Interesting, the power of visualization. The main issue I have now is this raging headache due to caffeine withdrawal. I even tried to cut the dose down the past few days by drinking half a cup. Hopefully, it goes away by tomorrow.

So I'm headed over to Costco now to buy these ingredients in bulk. (Buying at Whole Foods cost about $50, which was for two people, so still cheaper than buying from BPC.) Hopefully the cheapo Costco hot dogs won't get the best of me!

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