The Project Project 2013

I am always coming up with projects. I thought it would be interesting to see how many unfinished ones I have, so I decided to type up a list, in no particular order of priority.

  1. Finish tree canvas painting
  2. Dining room built in
  3. Dining room bench
  4. Dining room mural
  5. Dining room chandelier
  6. Dining room chairs
  7. Dining room entry table/bench
  8. Studio floor repainting
  9. Kitchen cabinet refinishing
  10. Window shutters/shades
  11. Learn stamping
  12. Learn Chinese brush painting
  13. Calligraphy
  14. Hang tv
  15. Living room couch
  16. Repaint bedroom
  17. Paint art for bedroom
  18. Hang mirror in dressing room
  19. Regrout bathroom sink
  20. Redo stairs
  21. Change drawer pulls to studio cabinet
  22. Laundry room door
  23. File newspaper clippings
  24. Hand letter holiday cards 2013
  25. Instagram gallery in hallway
  26. Redo lights in kitchen
  27. Photography business
  28. Clean roof gutters
  29. Outdoor kitchen
  30. Chicken coop
  31. New fence
  32. Vegetable garden
  33. Plant new roses
  34. Trim the redwood
  35. Fix sprinklers
  36. New outdoor eating area
Well then, only 36. That's not too bad! Still 48 weeks left this year...

Here's a photo that has nothing to do with this post, I just kinda like it.

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