November Mood Board

Well, hello there! It finally feels like fall, with that crisp breeze in the air that I love so much. My garden is a mess though and hasn't been tended to in over a month.

The grass is overgrown, the trees need trimming, and the vegetable patch needs to be overturn. There are still a few veggies that are popping up though.

I found this pop of color amongst the overgrown greens.

So right now, I can't muster the motivation to pull out my SLR and take photos. When I look at Karin A's mood board, I'm a bit embarrassed to post these blurry Ai-phone pics. But the reality it, I'm addicted to my Ai-phone and all the photo editing apps! They don't always make bad pictures look good, but it's convenient.

Happy November!

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