August Mood Board

Another month gone! It's kind of scary how quickly time passes. It's always good to slow down a bit and enjoy the flowers...

There is a random assortment of flowers blooming in my garden.

This colorful passionflower transports me to a tropical place, with a beach and sand and a fruity cocktail. I always think of Skittles when I look at the stamen. 

These guys always pop out of nowhere. No leaves, just bursts of pinks coming up through the dry dirt.

Fading fuchsia but still so colorful and bright.

I planted these when I first moved in and they are now crazy big. I've always loved the look of bougainvillea against a stark white wall with a blue blue sea in the background. Greece, one of these days I will met you.

An August mood board filled with pinks!

For you. 

And now it's on to September. While A is my favorite letter, September is my favorite month. I see some greens coming in!


  1. So pretty! Love your August mood board. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Wow, so beautiful, I like your flowers very mutch!
    Have a nice day.

  3. Lovely colours. It´s a wonderful time in the garden right now.

  4. oh your August mood board is so lovely
    can't wait to see September


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