Weeks 35 and 36, not a bad mix

It's kind of interesting how the way I have taken photos of food has changed over the year. I tend to do a lot of overhead shots now although there are still a few closeups and angled shots. Good lighting makes such a difference and I suspect the quality of these photos will turn to mush with summer ending and the days getting shorter. And the fact that these days I get home from work after 8 or 9. I guess I could take photos of breakfast, but that would be a lot of photos of the same thing. And lunch would always include a keyboard next to it. 

239: Frittata with the tomatoes from the garden and a fresh salad. I love this photo and the frittata was good. As in I almost ate the whole thing kind of good.
240: Squash bake with a ton of melted cheese. Looked pretty good but unfortunately a fail on taste.
241: Cukes from the garden that I pickled and some soba.
242: More tomatoes and cukes from the garden
243: Take out sushi 
244: This is my comfort food, homemade chicken broth and noodles
245: I busted out the ebleskiver pan and made some with chocolate inside. And bacon. Maybe I should put bacon inside the 'skivers next time.
246: I have no idea what happened this past Sunday. I have no photos at all on my phone and I cannot even remember what I did. It's like the day never existed.
247: Fresh corn and avocado salad. This was tasty.
248: I had some cantaloupe for dinner.  Why? Because I had stuffed my face with cookies at the office.
249: Trying to find new ways to prepare squash, I used a peeler to make thin strips like fettucine and topped it with a homemade tomato sauce. 
250: Long day at work deserves a take out burger and milkshake.
251: Tomato soup from a box with another new squash recipe, panko and parmesan crusted, baked not fried, since I did have that milkshake the day before
252: Went out to a new pizza place in town with some friends. I was hungry and gobbled up my share before I remembered to take a photo.

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