Weeks 33 and 34, I'm so hard core!

Or something like that. The last two weeks have been busy busy at work, and I've been hitting the gym like a madwoman, plus a 30 mile bike ride last week, and tons of art projects that I'm working on. I'm in a manic phase right now. Soon to come crashing down I'm sure.

Thought I'd give a shot at some hand lettering with acrylics. Um, practice makes perfect right? Or can I say my little daughter wrote the weeks out. Except I don't have a daughter.

225: Leftover pie cupcake from the day before, along with some of my mom's apricot jam, and one of grandma's farm eggs. It was like a family affair, without the family though :-(
226: Quesadillas! Avocado! Wine! You can't go wrong here.
227: Making some eggplant and zucchini parmesan. I tend to cook enough for an army. And I usually polish things off in a few days, hence the need for the gym.
228: Leftovers make for food styling practice
229: Drool. Bi-Rite Coffee Toffee ice cream. Wait in line the first time, buy some pints for later.
230: Dinner at the desk, Chapter 623 (ok, maybe only 614). Pho sure!
231: What, there's still some Bi-Rite left over? Well then, let's make some affogato.
232: Sunday already? Off for a 30-mile bike ride, followed by huge plate of pasta, followed by snooze at the pool
233: Leftover sauce, different pasta.
234: Dinner at the desk! With leftover lunch. There are a lot of leftovers in my life.
235: I need some greens. Bok choy. Green beans. Now I feel healthy again. And won tons. Winner won tons!
236: Such a winner those won tons, I made them again.
237: A ton of winner won tons. Wanna ton of winner won tons?
238: Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, so they say. Important when it's a Saturday and you're going to go exploring the whole day. #iseefaces

Phew! Now I'm hungry. What's for lunch?

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  1. Yeah, I'm hungry too! :) And I've had my last meal for today. Beautiful as always!


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