Exploring Golden Gate Park

Last weekend, I decided to get away from the computer and work and take a much needed exploration of the city.


My destination: Golden Gate Park. I've lived in the Bay Area for so many years, and I have been to bits and pieces of the park, but I don't really know it very well. So my goal: to walk from one end to the other, taking photos along the way.


Ha! It was not to be, especially in flip flops. I guess I figured I used to always do it in Central Park when I lived in NY, but GGP was a whole lot more vast than I expected.

Just made it a little over half way through

I started along the ocean side, walking along JFK Drive under foggy skies. Since I had gone for a run earlier in the day, my legs were already sore, so about 1/4 mile in, I had to take a break at Spreckles Lake. Made some friends with the seagulls.


Continued on, past the Bison Patch (had no idea there were bison in the park), taking another break at Lloyd Lake.




An abundance of seagulls, a few of which took a liking to me, despite the fact that I had no treats. Plus a pair of turkey ducks, which I don't think I've ever seen before.

Along with the bits of wildlife, I was enjoying the bounties of nature.




Then I came across the boat house and Stow Lake. Super cute area, with walking trails that took you up to the top with views of the city. 




A few more random creatures along the way. 




What a crayfish was doing in the grass, I haven't a clue. I picked him up to the glee of some kids, and they passed it around before placing him back in the lake down the road.


I was trying desperately to catch some hummingbirds in action. But alas, this is the only shot that I managed to get.


It was a wonderful little adventure, and I'm looking forward to more visits and more discoveries!

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  1. What gorgeous photos! I'm very envious of where you live, I must say.


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