Week 22 and Week 23, I'm such a busy bee!

The mayhem continues, and I was up at 5:30 am today. I can't wait for the day that I actually sleep in. I haven't had to set an alarm for weeks because I just wake up! Coffee has been such a good friend to me lately.

And rather than tackle my To Do list, I'm catching up on a few posts. You're going to get a 2-for-1 today, and then probably not see me for another month...

148: A friend's Indian wedding, beautiful setting. Bad wine, but at least really good Indian food.
149: Memorial Day BBQ at a friend's. I haven't hosted a party in so long and the minutes things calm down, I gotta throw something.
150. No time to cook, Mom was great and brought over some food. And her dog as she and Dad were heading out to Europe for their first-ever trip out there. So happy that they are finally getting to really enjoy what's out there!
151. I took some leftover BBQ from Monday... ribs!! So good. (I just realized these two photos are switched around. Not going to change it)
152. Noodles. Another go to when you have no time.
153. Salad for one
154. More salad. And some butternut squash gnocchi that I made a while ago and had frozen. It's a good thing when I freeze leftovers.
155. The day before, I took a time out and went to the Sunset celebration. And I bought some beautiful antique plates. And I saw Joy the Baker, and she made coffee bacon. So I made coffee bacon. And some pancakes. Coffee bacon has a lot of coffee. A LOT OF COFFEE!! I had three strips and was buzzed for 8 hours. Like literally buzzed, I could almost hear it in my head. Caution when eating coffee bacon. 
156. New old plates and some take out Burmese
157. More Burmese. My fortune said big things were coming my way.
158. More Joy the Baker with Cheddar and Chive Biscuits. I didn't put the jalapeƱo. Is that why they were hard as rocks and flat like wood? Probably not. Tried to repurpose them in a sandwich. Not bad. Dogs looooooved the biscuits. 
159. More noodles, sausage and green. 
160. Costco $1.50 hot dog. I love those hot dogs. 
161. Friend's birthday at Oola's. Really good food, I needed the indulgence. Dessert: warm chocolate cake. Could only stomach a bite after having stuffed my face with my main course of ribs.

Ok, this coffee is so kicking in right now, so I'm off!

time to relax
Oh, I wish

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