Weeks 40 and 41, trying to have some fun!

Does blog posting ever start feeling like a chore? Is that a sign you should stop blogging? I've realized that I've had this blog for over a year now, but I'm not sure why I do it. Initially, it was to chronicle things in my life and create something similar to what I used to do with scrapbooks and old photos. But now I have Instagram to do that. And while I love taking photos of food, I also like taking good photos. Some days I eat just to live, and other days I live to eat. When I live to eat, I want to capture that on film! At 8 pm, when it's dark out, and my photos look crappy in the artificial light, I don't really want to showcase it.

Just some rambling thoughts as I post my food photos. And I'm still a week behind...

267: Went to my folks for a belated birthday dinner, courtesy of mom. I don't think we talked during dinner since we were just stuffing our faces with food.

268: Made some homemade tomato soup and turned it into a tortilla soup. Good way to use up stale tortilla chips.

269: Mussels and pasta, courtesy of leftovers from mom.

270: Some days call for some In-N-Out, usually bad days

271: Another stressed out day. Soothed it with some take out Thai and wine.

272: Finally Friday! Called up a friend to get some pizza and cocktails.

273: Started the weekend with a really long run (which is something I need to go do right now). Followed that with a few hours in the office catching up on work with a super duper healthy salad and Advil.

274: Sunday breakfast and made some pancakes. I love that plate.

275: And yes, now I've realized I switched the photos around in my mosaic. Oh well. Where were we? Oh, Monday. And pasta. A huge bowl of it with sausage. I ate more than I should have, as usual. Didn't I run 8 miles a few days ago?

276: Ok, back to the healthy eating. When I tell people I love salads, I don't mean just lettuce. We're talking big and meaty with all the fixins'

277: Blah day deserves comfort food in the form of a Trader Joe's lasagna. I may or may not have eaten the whole tray.

278: Healthy eating, healthy eating. Same salad, different day. It's what happens when you buy a tub of shrimp from Costco.

279: Friday night with a friend, some wine, and bruschetta. Let the weekend begin!

280: Out in the city this weekend. Ceviche and bottomless mimosas... dangerous. It was a good weekend!


  1. I sometimes feel a bit blah about blogging but then I have a break and feel more inspired - I think this is important with anything creative. And your photos are always beautiful.

    I'm really liking nos. 279 and 280!

  2. Yes, I think sometimes we need to step away for a bit so that we come back refreshed! I love your photos! I know that I don't always comment as I should but I do visit you a lot!


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